Some girls and boys... here is naifu.

Formed by Dominique, Cécile, France-Marie and Raphaël early 2003, they were ready to record their first four-track demo called Three Ladybirds And A Big Cockroach in June. It got some airplay on several radio stations: Radio 21 (national), Pure FM (national), Studio Brussel (national), Antipode LLN, Equinoxe (Namur), Fréquence Plus (Andenne), Equinoxe FM (Liège), FM Brussel… Following this warm welcome, naifu got to play at the famous VK in Brussels and the Coq Rock Festival in De Haan, amongst other places. Moreover the band is part of the Rarefish collective ( since February 2004. In the Summer of 2004 naifu recorded 8 new songs, 4 of which are on their second demo called A Bit Of A Naughty Pony. Early 2005, their first full-length album entitled Naughty Pony is released. In the Spring, Nil, drummer from the Rarefish galaxy (A December Lake, Wixel…), replaces Cécile as she wants to pursue personal projects. She will still appear on violin on some occasions.

Musically-speaking, naifu cannot be easily categorized: Emo, Post-Grunge, Noise, Pop, Alt. Rock… why not, but not only. The band's influences include The Pixies, Fugazi, Trail Of Dead, Blonde Redhead and Neurosis. However, the songwriting remains consistent and the lyrics are uncompromising. There's a mixture of sweetness and bitterness, of gentleness and strength, with blurred borderlines, aiming to trigger a feeling of insecurity.

naifu: knife, in Japanese. This neologism stems from the English language as the Japanese eat with chopsticks.

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